Personal data


“Personal Data” means any information that concerns You as an individual and that You will voluntarily provide to us when that we may collect while You visit the Site, and that, regardless of the nature thereof, enables us to directly or indirectly identify You (for example, You may just be identifiable).
“Electronic identification” data means information created or calculated on or from your computer, while you are connected to the Internet, and that allows SOLOBET.NET to identify you as a User (more specifically, such data allows SOLOBET.NET to identify your computer).

Personal Data Collection

SOLOBET.NET collects Personal Data when You when you order tips on the Site. Some of the information we may request from You is mandatory to order tips. SOLOBET.NET may also receive some Personal Data from commercial partners, who must guarantee that they are permitted to transfer such data to us.

SOLOBET’s use of your Personal Data

SOLOBET.NET uses this information: to customize the advertising messages you receive, to answer your requests about certain products or services, to inform You about promotions or new offers if you have accepted to receive this type of information from SOLOBET.NET, and also in order to optimize the Site’s operation and efficiency. Finally, some information can be aggregated (becoming anonymous) in order to optimize your use of the Site. We also use anonymous data for our surveys and statistics (for example, to select users by country of origin).

Disclosure of your Personal Data

Under no circumstances will SOLOBET.NET share or disclose your Personal Data, unless:
You have given us your prior consent to share such data (e.g. for direct marketing campaigns);
The law or a court requires us to do so.


SOLOBET.NET has the right, in order to optimize its service, to place cookies on your computer and to access them. Cookies are files saved on your computer’s hard drive while browsing the Internet. A cookie does not identify You personally but records information concerning your browsing patterns that can be read directly by SOLOBET.NET servers during your visits and following searches. You have the option of configuring the reception of cookies on your hard drive as follows:
If using Internet Explorer 6 (Microsoft): Go to the “Tools”, “Internet Options”, “Privacy” menu and select the cookies management level you require.
If you use previous versions or alternative browsers (Firefox, Safari, etc.), please refer to the help files or the corresponding user manuals.
By modifying the configuration of your computer, you can therefore decide to accept all cookies, be informed when a cookie is activated or refuse all cookies. You can also destroy all of the cookies stored on your hard drive. If you choose to refuse any cookie offered, You are informed that your browsing experience will be restricted, and will be impossible in some cases.


SOLOBET.NET (or any third party involved in the creation of the Site) shall not be held accountable or liable to You or any third party, for any direct damage arising out of the use of the Site, such as a loss of profit, business, software or other, data from your or a third party’s IT system, even if SOLOBET.NET is specifically informed that such damage could occur. Unless otherwise stated, the User acknowledges and agrees that ordering offers on the Site shall not warrant any successful bet or any win whatsoever. In order to improve or maintain the Site (scheduled or emergency operations), SOLOBET.NET may from time to time interrupt the Site’s operation for short periods and without notice. SOLOBET.NET shall not be held liable for any damage arising out of such maintenance operations. SOLOBET.NET shall not be held liable if the email sent by SOLOBET.NET with the tips arrives late or does not arrive in Your mailbox. Furthermore, You certify to SOLOBET.NET that You use the Site in strict compliance with these General Conditions. In this respect, You shall hold SOLOBET.NET harmless from any claims, including, without limitation, lawyer and legal fees, awards of damages, losses, costs and other disbursements that SOLOBET.NET may incur as a result of any claim, request, lawsuit or judgment directly or indirectly based on the violation of these General Conditions. SOLOBET.NET may create links to other websites. Clicking on an outside link means that the User will leave the Site. Therefore, SOLOBET.NET will not be liable for a visitor’s use of such outside links.

Acceptance of the General Conditions

Your use or viewing of the Site as well as any order through the Site, implies that you agree to comply with these General Conditions. You should carefully read, print and keep a copy of these General Conditions.

Changes to SOLOBET.NET and the General Conditions

The Site is continuously changing. SOLOBET.NET can modify it and/or the current General Conditions, in whole or in part. These changes will be implemented without prior notice. You are invited every time you visit the Site to verify the latest version of the General Conditions available permanently at the following address: SOLOBET.NET In the event that you do not accept the modifications proposed by SOLOBET.NET in connection with the Site or the General Conditions, you are invited to avoid entering or using the Site.


Users may send an email to the following address: if they have any questions or require any information about the Charged Service. SOLOBET.NET undertakes to answer these questions or requests for information as soon as possible.